BEHIND SHARI.CO

SHARI.CO was thought of in early 2018 by Danita Shari. A lifestyle blogger from Oakland, California with the mission to create aromatherapy candles that would bring relaxation to spaces and insuring that there is a a fragrance for everyone’s different lifestyles. Design has been Danita's Passion since a younger age and In February of 2019 her dream was shared with all you. 

“I am someone who encourages self-care and believes that it's important to have a peaceful setting in our daily lives. My mission is to help bring " peace to place " affordably!” —Danita

As we continue to grow, we want you all to remember that no matter how busy life’s gets, always find time for you. 

We hope you become apart of our family.

Xo ~ Shari.co Team 2019